Haughton Village News

Haughton Village News

Ringing for HRH Prince Philip's Funeral at Haughton

It had been decided that bells should be tolled over the country for an hour before HRH Prince Philip's funeral, still having Covid-19 restrictions in place and only being able to toll a single bell at a time, to help prevent the spread of the virus, our performance options were very limited.

As a team and to enable us all to have a turn to ring, we decided to ring our individual bells 99 times representing the age of the Duke.  The bells had been half-muffled before hand. We started with the treble and went around the tower in order to finish with the tenor.  While each performance was taking place the others were socially distancing in the churchyard, and yes the sun was shining! 

A piece of each performance can be viewed below:

Karen Powell ringing the Treble 

Trevor Lock ringing the 2nd

Mervyn Lock ringing the 3rd

Dick Bowler ringing the 4th
Jocelyne Lock ringing the 5th
Trevor Stacey ringing the Tenor


Paying Tribute to HRH Prince Philip

Trevor Lock rang 99 strokes of the tenor half-muffled to mark the passing of HRH Prince Philip who sadly died yesterday 9th April 2021 aged 99



The performance has been sent to Bell Board, click the link below to view: 



The flag has also been set at half-mast and will remaining flying all week until after the funeral on 17th April 2021 

More ringing and tolling will take place on the day of the funeral, obviously observing the remaining social distancing rules due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Shropshire Inn Haughton

"We have come to the difficult decision that we will be remaining closed for the time being and we will review this again at the end of April.  

If the weather improves we will be looking to open before the 17th of May just in the beer garden.

We are currently working hard getting the place ready for you all to come and enjoy in May,

Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for any updates including our delicious new menu that our chefs are currently working on.

Hope everyone is staying safe and we are looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Stuart, Janet, Michael & The Shropshire Inn Team"

Benefice Services Sunday 11th April 2021

 This week's services for the United Benefice of: Bradley, Church Eaton Derrington and Haughton are as follows

10.30am  Joint Benefice Service at Church Eaton.
5pm Dial in Evening Prayer
6.30pm Evening Worship on Zoom.
There is still no bell ringing before the services, we are hoping to resume service ringing 21st June, with some individual socially distance simulator practices before hand.

We are still maintaining our Wednesday Zoom meeting for the next few weeks.

Holy Week Services - United Benefice of Bradley, Church Eaton, Derrington and Haughton


April 2021 Virtual Services

 April's Church Services are shown in the chart below.  This week is Holy week and the Vicar has arranged some extra services, online and as Lockdown is starting to be lifted some are in the churches.  Please see the next post for details,

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Number of site Visits this month: 190

2 Years Ago

2 years to the day 3 Haughton ringers was asked to ring a quarter at Stoke Minster before their evensong. Details of the performance and a picture of the team can be found via this link: https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=1277500

It seems a world away being able to ring freely, visit other towers and mix with good friends like we did. Hopefully one day we'll be back ringing again very soon.