Haughton Village News

Haughton Village News

Letter from U.H.N.M - Donations from your plant purchases

Thank you everyone for donating. 


I think nearly everyone in the village knows that every year I organise a day trip for the retired residents of the village and if there are any available seats other residents and friends.

We travel by coach to our destination, usually by the sea, and arrive back in time for dinner at The Shropshire Inn.
The cost is £5 per person for the coach and dinner for the retired people of the village and a little more for others,

To cover the cost I manage two weekly lotteries, based on the National Lottery Lotto. There is one winner on each lottery and they each receive £40 prize money.
There are 49 people in each lottery and they each pay £5 a month  which is collected by standing order.

People inevitably drop out of the lottery for various reasons, at this particular time  I have a considerable number of vacancies on each lottery. In the past, I have been able to fill the vacancies but on this occasion, I would greatly appreciate it if anyone would like to contact me with a view to joining the lottery

The Outing has been running for more than 60 years. I took it over some years ago to keep alive the tradition started by Horace Wilshaw.

It would be most unfortunate if we were unable to continue with our annual day out, I think It has become an important feature in the life of the village.
If you would like to join the lottery please call me on 780550.

Many thanks,
Peter Rowley

Thank You Trevor

This is written on behalf of the many Haughton villagers who would like to say thank you to Trevor Lock for tolling the bell at the recent funerals of our friends, colleagues, neighbours, and fellow villagers.  In these unsettled times when we are unable to attend the funerals of those we care about, it has been a comfort for many to hear the bell toll. 

Thank you Trevor for giving your time to be there;  we would like you to know that it has been very much appreciated.

worship for TRINITY SUNDAY

Some thoughts on home worship for TRINITY SUNDAY

This week's Bell Ringing is from Enville Staffordshire

The majesty of God.  Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty;

the whole earth is full of his glory.

HYMN: “Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty”

Pray the Collect of the day

Almighty and eternal God, you have revealed yourself

as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and live and reign in the perfect unity of love.

Hold us firmly in this faith, that we may know you in all your ways

and evermore rejoice in your eternal glory, who are three Persons in one God,

now and forever.   Amen.

Read the Epistle from 2 Corinthians chapter 13 verses 11-13.

Read the Gospel from St. Matthew chapter 28 verses 16-20

Hymn: “A man there lived in Galilee”

Offer some Prayers

Pray for your own families, friends, and others whom you wish to remember.

Commend Sian to Gods gracious keeping, and pray for Rici and the family in this time of tragic loss.

Pray for our Schools as they begin to re-open and for shopworkers preparing to open again in a few days.

Continue to pray for the doctors, nurses and care workers who tend the sick.

Thank God for the lives of Mark, and Trina, (both one time churchwardens) and for Doreen (the wife of a churchwarden)

Pray for Revd. Cath, soon to be our new Rector, and for the future of our parishes and churches, whatever that future may be.

Continue to pray for sick, especially those known to us, and others who need our prayers at this troubled time.

Thank God for your own safety and pray that we may have the courage to grasp the opportunities it brings.

Pray this prayer    

Lord God almighty, you have given us a vision of your holiness, and thereby of our own unworthiness to be your witnesses; touch, we pray, our lips with your cleansing fire; so that cleansed and hallowed, we may go out into the world with the authority of your commission; for Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen.

And the Lord’s Prayer

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come,

Your will be done on earth as in heaven. Give us today pour daily bread.

Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

For the kingdom and the power and the glory are yours now and forever. Amen.

HYMN: “We have a gospel to proclaim”

Glory be to you O God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

You have power, wisdom and majesty: receive from us honour, glory, worship and blessing. Great and marvellous are your works, just and true are your ways:

Blessing and honour and glory and power be to him who sits on the throne,

And to the lamb through the one eternal Spirit, now and forever.  Amen.


Trina Busby's Funeral Procession

Trina Busby's Funeral Procession will take place tomorrow (Tuesday 2nd June), just after 2pm.  A Church Bell will ring half muffled 84 times as it goes by the back of the Church and continues around Moathouse Drive and the remaining of the village.

Anyone who would like to pay their respects, please be outside and adhere to social distancing (2 Metres - 6ft apart) at 2.10pm

Ringing Room Featured on BBC News

The ringing room makes it on to BBC News, here is the Youtube clip

To visit ringing room, click the link below

Alan Turner

It is with great sadness to announce Alan Turner, former landlord of 
The Bell, passed away last night.  

I remember starting frequenting the Bell in the early 90's when I became 18. 
It became a regular Monday event after our bell practice.  Alan always kept a 
traditional pub, with well-kept beer with Jan (his late wife) providing great 
cooked meals. 

He started the tradition of giving the bell ringers the leftover sandwiches left by the
Dominoe players, this tradition was followed on by Paul Plant and Alison Heath.
Still, to this day, we have chips with our pint after practice.

I remember often taking my Grandmother for Sunday lunch in the bell.  She 
never liked thinking she was going to 'the Pub'  so we pretended to take her
for a walk and as we approached the Bell would guide her in the direction of 
the Bell. Alan and Jan would welcome us and would seat us at our 'pre-booked 
table'  My Nan really enjoyed her meals, the atmosphere, and hospitality.

There was another time my brother went for a meal one evening.  That night a new
barmaid had served him.  He had his meal and walked home.  The barmaid 
said to Alan 'That man never paid'   Alan replied 'he'll be back when he realises' 
The next morning my brother did realise and just as Alan had predicted the bill 
was paid.

After Alan and Jan retired, they moved to Castlefileds.  Jan sadly passed away 
a few years later.  However, I would often see Alan riding his bike into town 
or along the old railway track.  He would often catch the bus out to the Bell 
on a Monday night to play Dominoes, and occasionally if we both timed it 
right I would give him a lift.

R.I.P Alan

Trevor Lock