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Shropshire Inn News

Due to Staffordshire being put into Tier 3 restrictions from Thursday 2nd December, we are unable to open until further notice.

We won't be offering our takeaway service at this moment in time. We will be reviewing on the 16th December after the government announcement.

We are currently reviewing Christmas Day, we are contacting our customers that have tables booked with us throughout December.

We have contacted all our party bookings and returned all deposits in full for the whole of December.

We would like to thank all our customers for their continued support throughout this very difficult year and hope to see you all very soon.

Stay safe everyone, we will keep you all updated with any changes.

Please share this post to get it out to as many of our customers as possible.

Stuart, Janet, Michael & The Shropshire Inn Team

Haughton Bell Ringing Wednesday 25th November and Church Service


We had another practice over Zoom and using www.ringingroom.com.  We've started to get the feel of ringing online and are continuing to progress.

We rang rounds 123456, Queens 135246, and then spent the rest of the evening learning and practicing Plain Hunt Minor (all six bells moving).














Our next practice will be on Wednesday 2nd December, although the National Lockdown will end on Wednesday, Staffordshire has been placed in Tier 3 and so normal ringing will not resume yet.

This Week's Church Services will be once again conducted by Rev. Cath Brumfit on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Beneficeofbradleychurcheatonderringtonandhaughton/ at 10.30am, 
by telephone at 5pm, and on Zoom at 6.30pm.  All are welcome to join any or all of them.

Visit Cath on Facebook or email her on :  

Haughton Bell Ringing, Church Service times and Stafford Bells Update

We had our second Zoom ringing practice on Wednesday 18th November.  This time we were well practice and logging on and setting up the platform, and so we were able to spend more time on the 'Virtual' ringing app.  We rang our usual rounds, titums, and queens, and managed to spend more time learning plain hunt.

This Week's Church Services will be once again conducted by Rev. Cath Brumfit on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Beneficeofbradleychurcheatonderringtonandhaughton/ at 10.30am, 
by telephone at 5pm, and on Zoom at 6.30pm.  All are welcome to join any or all of them.

Visit Cath on Facebook or email her on :  

This week's ringing is a recording made some years ago of St. Mary's Bells of Stafford ringing Yorkshire Royal. Obviously, their bells were removed last year as they are undergoing a complete refurbishment, please see our post from last year: 

Although this kind of work quite often gets delayed by a week or two, we could have never imagined how 2020 would have planned and the work being delayed by the pandemic.  We have our fingers crossed they will be installed in the first half of 2021.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

We all need something to brighten the darkness at the moment and I have something that will gladden the souls of the children.  I've had a call from one of Santa's helpers today to tell me that Santa will be visiting Haughton from around 7.30p on Saturday 5th December.  He will travel down Station Road then onto Meadow Drive, Moathouse Drive, Rectory Lane past the school, and onto Prince Avenue turning right onto Newport Road and back up Station Road.  Unfortunately, as he is so busy this year with the Lockdown and COVID he won't be able to stop and will not be collecting donations but he would love to see as many people outside to wave to him as possible. 

Bell Ringing and Church Services - St Giles Haughton

We had our first Zoom ringing practice on Wednesday 11th November.  We spent a little time sorting out our devices and getting them to work together, eventually, we got them sorted and managed to ring, Rounds (123456), Queens (135246), and Titums (142536).  Later we rang plain hunt on 3.  We hope to repeat our practice every Wednesday during Lockdown and until we are able to return to the tower.

This Week's Church Services will be once again conducted by Rev. Cath Brumfit on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Beneficeofbradleychurcheatonderringtonandhaughton/ at 10.30am, 
by telephone at 5pm, and on Zoom at 6.30pm.  All are welcome to join any or all of them.

Visit Cath on Facebook or email her on :  

This week's bell ringing is Stedman Doubles from St. Mary's Church Haddington, East Lothian Scotland

Easy Fund Raising


Tips on using the App

Earlier this year Lisa Horrit signed the North Staffordshire BRF (Bell Restoration Fund) to receive donations from an app called easyfundraising.co.uk. It simply connects the fund to thousands of online retailers who will donate a percentage of any purchase made with them through the app, and it doesn’t cost ‘you’ the customer any extra money.

Simply visit www.easyfundraising.org.uk or the search ‘Easyfundrasing’ on the App Store (iPhone, ipad or iMac) or Google Play for Androids, sign up, selecting the North Staffs BRF as your chosen charity.

I have used it for a few months, so here are some useful tips that I have found along the way to maximise my donations. 

Download the ‘Donation Reminder’ app. If you use Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox to browse the internet you can download the Donation Reminder app, this will ‘Pop up’ and remind you to activate the donation. 

The Donation reminder may not work with all browsers so you will have to remember to go to www.easyfundraising.org.uk when making your purchases, you could make this web address your home page.

I have downloaded the easyfundraising app to my mobile and if I use my mobile for shopping  I just use the app as a shopping browser.  This always captures the donation. 

Sometimes if you spend a long time browsing for the right product the donation activation can ‘time out’, to get around this problem I add my chosen product to the online basket and then pick the basket upon the easy fundraising app.

I will always be grateful for the donation made by the BRF to Haughton’s re-hanging in 1998, and I have rung at numerous towers that have benefited from the fund, without these much-needed funds our bells of Staffordshire wouldn’t be in the condition they are today.

So please sign up to www.Easyfundraising.org.uk, if you need any help or want to know more please visit www.thebellringers.org.uk for my contact details.

If you run another Charitable Organisation and would like to join them up to receive donations from EasyFundraising then please visit the link below:


Village News

Village life has really been put on hold this year with the cancellations of many usual events, clubs and activities.  However, if you do have any Village News that you would like sharing then please feel free to email us.

It was really good news to hear the Church and Village Magazine is starting again, and although I initially set this site up to 'bridge' the gap it left behind hopefully the two can now complement one another. 

Remembrance Sunday - November 8th 2020

 As we are unable to ring the church bells normally due to the Covid-19 restrictions, One bell will ring at 11:02 am 'half-muffled' 102 times to commemorate the 102nd Remembrance Sunday.

The Remembrance Services will be conducted online by our Vicar Revd. Cath Brumfitt details as below:

https://www.facebook.com/Benefice-of-Bradley-Church-Eaton-Derrington-and-Haughton  This takes you to the benefice Face book page. She will be uploading the video today and scheduling it to start at about 10 to 11am. Hopefully, it will be in time for 11am! 

There will be another 2 services. A telephone service at 5pm and the remembrance service at 6.30pm. If you can contact the Vicar she will be happy to send you the details of how to join.

Each Sunday during lockdown there will be a 10.30 Holy Communion service on FB. a telephone service at 5pm and a Zoom Service at 6.30pm.
In addition, there will be Morning prayer on FB each morning (apart from Fridays).
At 6pm each day we will be joining in with the rest of the Church of England in a National Call to prayer by our Archbishops where we will be praying for our nation.

Email the Vicar on revcathbrumfitt(at)gmail.com.  Replace (at) with @

I will leave you with some Half-Muffled Bell Ringing from Morpeth Clock Tower

New Village Magazine

The United Benefice of Haughton, Bradley, Church Eaton and Derrington are launching a new Parish magazine in January. It will cover all four parishes and will cost £5 per year for 10 copies. It will be A4 size and in addition to the church notices, there will be 3 pages for each village. If anyone wants to contribute articles etc the deadline will be the 15th of each month and items should be emailed in word format to Ralph Howarth who will be editing the magazine at the following email address stedithas(at)gmail.com. Replace (at) with @.


Bell Ringing - Wednesday 4th November 2020

 As we had moved into Tier 2 of Lockdown and with a full National Lockdown looming on Thursday it was not possible for us to practice this week, and 'real' bell practice doesn't seem likely for several weeks to come.  However, we have been busy setting up a 'remote tower' on www.ringingroom.com, and our hope is to continue with our learning and theory.

We are now looking at how we can commemorate Remembrance Sunday this year.  Obviously, our usual performance of ringing 'half-muffled' as the congregation walks from the Centoph won't be possible.  Watch this space!  

Shropshire Inn

Unfortunately, we have come to the decision to close our restaurant until after the lockdown has ended, due to having so many cancelations we feel it is the right thing to do.

Therefore we will no longer be serving food or offering our takeaway service.

The bar will still be open on Tuesday & Wednesday from 5pm until 10pm, so we hope to see you all then!

We would like to thank you all for your support during these very difficult times, keep safe everybody and we will see you all very soon.

If everyone could please share this post so as many of our loyal customers see it.

Stuart, Janet, Michael & The Shropshire Inn Team.