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Tips on using the App

Earlier this year Lisa Horrit signed the North Staffordshire BRF (Bell Restoration Fund) to receive donations from an app called easyfundraising.co.uk. It simply connects the fund to thousands of online retailers who will donate a percentage of any purchase made with them through the app, and it doesn’t cost ‘you’ the customer any extra money.

Simply visit www.easyfundraising.org.uk or the search ‘Easyfundrasing’ on the App Store (iPhone, ipad or iMac) or Google Play for Androids, sign up, selecting the North Staffs BRF as your chosen charity.

I have used it for a few months, so here are some useful tips that I have found along the way to maximise my donations. 

Download the ‘Donation Reminder’ app. If you use Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox to browse the internet you can download the Donation Reminder app, this will ‘Pop up’ and remind you to activate the donation. 

The Donation reminder may not work with all browsers so you will have to remember to go to www.easyfundraising.org.uk when making your purchases, you could make this web address your home page.

I have downloaded the easyfundraising app to my mobile and if I use my mobile for shopping  I just use the app as a shopping browser.  This always captures the donation. 

Sometimes if you spend a long time browsing for the right product the donation activation can ‘time out’, to get around this problem I add my chosen product to the online basket and then pick the basket upon the easy fundraising app.

I will always be grateful for the donation made by the BRF to Haughton’s re-hanging in 1998, and I have rung at numerous towers that have benefited from the fund, without these much-needed funds our bells of Staffordshire wouldn’t be in the condition they are today.

So please sign up to www.Easyfundraising.org.uk, if you need any help or want to know more please visit www.thebellringers.org.uk for my contact details.

If you run another Charitable Organisation and would like to join them up to receive donations from EasyFundraising then please visit the link below:


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