Haughton Village News

Haughton Village News

Message from The Shropshire Inn

Unfortunately, we are staying in Tier 3 for the rest of the year so our doors will have to remain closed for now.

It has been a terrible year for everyone and we were hoping we could of celebrated Christmas with our customers but unfortunately that will not be the case this year.

We hope everyone has an enjoyable Christmas & new year, we look forward to welcoming you all back soon as we can open again.

Please Share.

Stuart, Janet, Michael & The Shropshire Inn Team

The Bell Ringers normally have their Christmas meal on the practice night before Christmas.  This year it was due this coming Wednesday and it was all booked in the Shropshire.  Obviously this year it has been canceled due to the fact we've remained in Covid Tier 3.  We will book it again when it is safe to do so.  Thank you to Stuart, Janet, and Michael for always making us all welcome and always providing an excellent service.

St. Giles Church Christmas Eve 2020 Opening Times

The church is open tomorrow (Christmas Eve) between 4 and 6pm for people to see the crib and light candles and say a prayer. We are inviting people to bring a gift of food or leave a donation for the foodbank.

There will be no services on Sunday 27th December

Merry Christmas

Haughton Bell Ringing and Church Services

 This week we held our usual Zoom meeting on Thursday 17th December.  Unfortunately, Dick was unable to make it as workmen along Church Eaton road had cut through his telephone just before they finished for the day.  We had another really good ringing session with Karen ringing Plain Bob Minimus for the first time inside.  We are hoping this will lead us to Plain Bob Doubles and Beyond.

Earlier in the week, we had been given the go-ahead to ring for our Christmas Services, but after discussing the situation we have decided that our most vulnerable ringers are so close to receiving their vaccines it is safer not to.  Christmas won't be the same without the Church Bells, but as with many ways we traditionally celebrate the Festive Season, we must put them on hold and help stop the spread of Covid.

For this week's services please visit the Benefice Facebook page:


This week we will leave you with Plain Bob Minimus from Monkton in Kent.

Have a good week and Stay Safe!

Bingo and Social Evening in aid of Stafford Bells

Tuesday 29th December starting at 7:30PM

To register please email

The cost will be £10 per person to enter, and the evening will take place on zoom

Once you register, I will be in contact about payment, after this, you will be sent a link for your bingo cards for the evening. These can either be filled out online on your computer or smartphone or printed. You will receive 3 cards for the 3 rounds, each card will have 6 bingo cards on it.


A line - £5
Full House - £10

For each game, there will be 1 line and 1 full house prize.

Feel free to mention to friends - the more the merrier (although we have 100 max on our zoom licence.

St. Mary's Virtual Christmas Tree Festival 2020

 Many of us at this time of year drop into St. Mary's Church while out shopping to see the spectacular Christmas Tree Festival.  Unfortunately this year due to obvious reasons it wasn't possible to put their usual display on, however, they have brought you a Virtual display, please click on the link below:


Watch Out for Fraudsters

I just want to remind everyone to just be vigilant as Fraudsters are out to fleece you, during these hard lockdown times.  I myself have had 3 texts this week, one claiming to be from the Inland Revenue, one from the mobile phone company EE and another Claiming to be from Amazon.  Most are offering rebates saying you are owed money, or that your payment method has expired. They are just after your account details to empty your account.

If you are concerned your payment details have expired or you owe money.  Hang Up, use your online portal or call the company concerned using what you know to be their legitimate number.

I read an article from the Mirror describing how a Grandad had fallen victim to a telephone fraudster, you can read it here: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/grandad-74-fleeced-out-life-23118355 which has prompted me to write this reminder.

Please if you have not seen the person or do not know who they are, just hang up and do not reply.

These fraudsters are clever, they will befriend you, and then will pressurize you to part with your bank details.

There are lot's of the website that helps victims of Fraud and to help you prevent it, here are a couple to help you:


Age UK

Remember if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

The only way to stop these people is for everyone not to give them anything!  I don't know how they sleep at night!

Bell Ringing 9th December 2020


We had our usual Zoom meeting and ringingroom.com this evening.  Unfortunately, Karen couldn't make it and so we just rang 5 bells.  We discussed that the likelihood we would be ringing for Christmas is looking slim, but obviously, we will know more next week after the Covid Tier restrictions are reviewed by the Government.

On a more positive note the latest edition of 'Clapper Trapping' is out and can be read online: https://www.nsacr.org.uk/pdf_files/newsletter/2020_12_web_version.pdf  It features a big article on ringingroom.com amongst others and keeps us up to date on what's been happening through our Association.

This Sunday is the 2nd Sunday of the month, I assume there will some form of social distanced service in Haughton at 10.30am, but this is to be confirmed.  Please contact the Vicar for more details:

There is a  Carol's by Carlight! service at Red Lion Farm on 18th December at 6.30pm. Parking Spaces are limited so Contact Revd Cath to book your spot!

Our next meeting will be on Zoom on Wednesday 16th December.  I leave you with the ringing of Grandsire Doubles from Compton Abdale, Gloucestershire

Stay Safe!

Bell Ringing Wednesday 2nd December

We had our usual Zoom and ringingroom.com meeting.  It was announced last week we are in Tier 3 Covid restriction zone, and so it doesn't look like we will be 'properly' ringing anytime soon.  The tier restrictions are being reviewed on the 16th of December, we have our fingers crossed for Christmas ringing, but it is looking doubtful we'll keep you posted.

St Giles Church Grand Draw


Church Services to Resume

We will be opening for services on Sunday but with a slightly reduced number of services. 

Benefice Services on Sunday 6th December
08.30am Holy Communion St Mary and All Saints, Bradley
10.30am Holy Communion St Matthews Derrington
10.30am St Giles Haughton and St Editha's Church Eaton will be open for individual prayer.
5pm Dial-in Telephone Service
6.30pm Evening Worship on Zoom.

There will be more announcements coming about Christmas services!