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Haughton Village News

Meet the Bell Ringers

Trevor Lock - Captain

I've been bell-ringing since 1987 and for my sins have been captain for most of that time.  I was invited to come ringing as my parents were involved in the 1987 flower festival to celebrate the centenary of the rebuilding of the church in 1887. They were helping to tidy the churchyard and I was with them and it happened to be bell practice night.  

The team never lasted that long as most of my fellow ringers were old and were forced to give up due to ill health.  Fred Price and Mark Elton became churchwardens in 1995 and acknowledged me winding the church clock.  They quizzed me on my very limited knowledge of the church bells and after I explained I could ring, they both decided to join the team and get the bells ringing for services again.  The church bells have been rung most Sunday Services since then.

Bell Ringing to me is like football to Gary Linker or F1 to Nigel Mansel.  It still amazes me how much I enjoy it, from grassroots ringing all the way to 12 bell Surprise Maximus, although I know it's not everyone's 'cup of tea', I often wonder how many people would really enjoy it, but have never tried and so will never know!  Please do come along or go to your local tower and have a go at least once.

Jocelyne Lock  
I started ringing with my son Trevor in 1987.  Back then we learnt to handle a bell and to ring rounds.  Churchwardens Fred Price and Mark Elton joined our team in 1995, and we all became members of the North Staffordshire Association of Change Ringers, which increased our experience and enable us to ring at many more towers.  Bell ringing is a great hobby, very rewarding regardless of how long you've been ringing or how experienced you are.   Whenever you turn up to any tower whether it's practice night or Sunday service ringing you are welcomed.

Mervyn Lock 
Husband of Jocelyne, Father of Trevor - Ringing since 1999

William Hall
Ringing since 2008

Trevor Stacey
Ringing since 2011
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Helen Turner-Murphy
Murphy - Ringing since 2015
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Lydia Turner
Daughter of Helen - Ringing since 2017
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Dick Bowler
Ringing Since 2018
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