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Haughton Village News

Haughton Bell Ringing Times December 2021

Saturday 4th December - 3.30pm to 4pm (for come as you are service)*

Saturday 4th December - North Staffs Meeting at Eccleshall - 3pm to 5pm (afternoon ringing) - 5.00pm to 7.15pm (Service, Tea, AGM, and Business Meeting) 7.15pm to 8.30pm (Evening Ringing)

Tuesday 7th December - 7pm to 8pm silent practice - bell handling and theory.  8pm until 9pm Open Practice.

Thursday 9th December - 10am until 1pm - Peal attempt from a visiting band

Sunday 12th December - 10am until 10.30am Service Ringing

Tuesday 14th December -7pm to 8pm silent practice - bell handling and theory.  8pm until 9pm Open Practice.

Sunday 19th December - 5pm to 6pm (1/4 peal for Carol Service)

Tuesday 21st December - 6.30pm to 7pm (Ringing for Blue Christmas Service) - No Practice Ringers Meal in the Shropshire

Thursday 23rd December - 2.30pm to 3pm (Ringing for Crib Service)

Friday 24th December - 3.30 to 4pm (Ringing for comfort service)*

Tuesday 30th December -7pm to 8pm silent practice - bell handling and theory.  8pm until 9pm Open Practice.

Saturday 1st January - 12 midnight until 12.20am - Ringing in the new year.

* Possible quarter depending on available team members - we may start half an hour earlier than advertised.

United Benefice of Bradley, Church Eaton, Derrington and Haughton Decmber 2021

 Below are the service times for all 4 parishes for December 2021

Haughton Community Speedwatch – PLEASE HELP!

As part of the Annual Assembly discussions on speeding traffic the Community Speedwatch campaign was raised. It was agreed to re-instigate this activity and the meeting was told that training will be given to volunteers. Helen Fisher (Deputy Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner) and Cllr Winnington volunteered to attend a group session when the scheme is up and running. Volunteers from the village are needed! Our Co-ordinator is Andy White. Several people raised their hands to volunteer on the night – if this was you or you can assist with Haughton’s Community Speedwatch campaign please email the Parish Clerk, and your details will be passed to Andy White.

Playing Field Warden to Haughton Parish Council

 A vacancy has arisen for the position of Playing Field Warden. The principal duties include inspection of the playing field and equipment along with the village bus stops, replenishment of the Parish Council dog glove dispensers and ad hoc repairs at the request of the Council. The number of hours per calendar month are approximately 12 although additional hours may be required from time to time. The position is available from 1st January 2022. If you are interested in the vacancy or for more details including a job description please get in touch with the Parish Clerk.

Haughton Bell Ringing Times November 2021

Tuesday 2nd November - Practice 7pm until 9pm

Saturday 6th November - North Staffs Meeting at Rolleston 2.00pm until 4.00pm

Saturday 6th November - 3.30pm until 4.00pm Come as you are service

Monday 8th November - 6.30pm until 7.00pm All Souls service

Tuesday 9th November - 7.00pm to 7.40pm (learner practice) - no normal practice 

Sunday 14th November - 11.02am until 11.15am Half Muffled for Remembrance Service

Tuesday 16th Novemver - Practice 7.00pm until 9.00pm

Sunday 21st November - 3.30pm until 4pm for Evening Worship Service

Tuesday 23rd November - 7.00pm until 9.00pm Practice

Sunday 28th November - No Ringing - Early Service

Tuesday 30th November - 7.00pm until 9.00pm Practice

United benefice of Bradley, Church Eaton, Derrington and Haughton November 2021 Service Times