Haughton Village News

Haughton Village News

North Staffs Bell ringers are coming to town!

The North Staffs Bell Ringers are holding their September meeting here at Haughton.  They were due to visit Church Eaton, but have changed the venue due to a music concert playing in Church Eaton.

They will be ringing at Haughton at 7pm until 8,30pm on Saturday 3rd September, please listen out and join them if you can ring.

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St. Peter's Church Alton Bell Augmentation

The Bells
The bells at St Peter’s are a fine ring of eight cast by Taylor’s of Loughborough and installed in a new steel frame in 1959. Around the middle of the 20th century, Taylor’s were renowned for making good sounding rings of bells, particularly heavier rings like the ones installed at St Peter’s. As a result, the Alton bells are very highly regarded in terms of their sound outside the tower and also the ‘go’ of the bells and the sound inside the tower for the ringer.

The bells have needed little attention over the last 60 years and it is now time to overhaul some of the
bearings and fittings, repaint the bellframe and to look at improvements that should be made to ensure the bells serve the church and village well for the next 60 years and for future generations of ringers.
While the bells are a joy to ring for a band able to manage a heavy 8, which was the aim of installing them in 1959, the weight is a bit of a challenge for a local village band and we often ring the 6 lightest bells.

These are not tuned as a true ring of 6 would be and we propose to augment the bells with two smaller bells. This will give a true harmonic light six as well as retaining the current ring of eight and creating a
glorious ring of ten.

The Project
The present bells themselves do not need any work other than surface cleaning. The bells and frame will be taken from the tower to Taylor’s worshop and thoroughly overhauled. The bell frame and headstocks will be shot blasted to remove surface rust and then galvanized and repainted. The bell bearings, clappers and pulleys will be renewed and overhauled.

• While the bells are out of the tower, the boarding behind
the louvres will be replaced with adjustable openings to
allow better control of the sound.

• The oak louvres visible on the outside of the tower will be

• Two new bells will be cast to blend with the existing ring
with new frame, headstocks and fittings.

• The clock will be converted to electric winding to give
space for the new bells.

• The 10 bells and frame will be reinstalled in the tower.

Make a donation.
Any donations will be very welcome and will help to ensure that the bells serve the village for future generation. If you are a UK tax payer you can make your donations worth 25% more to us, at
no extra cost to you, through Gift Aid.

Please visit the link below:

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The Last Peal at Alton

I was lucky enough to be invited to ring st Alton in the last peal on the bell before them getting augmented to 10 bells.

The bell ringers were:
1Wendy Walters
2Trevor Lock
3Peter W Dickinson
4Selwyn G Jones
5Nicholas J Green
6Stephen G Askew
7Stuart Hutchieson (C)
Alan P Walters 

5040 Grandsire Triples.  Further details of the peal can be found from: 

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Madeley Heritage Open Day 17th September 2022 11am till 3pm

Celebration of Church Bell Ringing

Following the Jubilee in June All Saints Madeley North Staffordshire are opening the belltower, the clock, the handbells and the church.  We will offer bellringing demonstrations and give visitors the chance to see the inside of the clock and to have a go at ringing tower bells and handbells.  There will be refreshments, crafts, family activities, prayer space and a warm friendly welcome.

Tower bell ringers and handbell ringers are invited to come to support us to make this a really valuable experience.

Thank you so much for your help, which will make this a success.

If anyone has any videos or photographs about bellringing these would be most welcome as we can exhibit them.

In order to co-ordinate, if you are able to come to help, or can offer any items, or suggestions, please email :

If you would like to ring a quarter peal, either between 10.30 am - 11.30 am and or 2.30 - 3.30 pm please let me know

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61 Extents of Plain Hunt Singles

Today before the evening service the bell ringers rang 61 extents (366 changes) of Plain Hunt Singles in memory of Steven Ewens of Brazenhill Lane, Haughton who sadly passed away last week.  Our sincere condolences go to Ann and Steven’s family.

The Bell Ringers were

Karen Powell

Mervyn Lock

Trevor Lock (C)

Jocelyne Lock.

Trevor Stacey, Hilary Saunders, William Hall and Dick Bowler also wishes to be associated with is performance which can be going on Bell Board at the following link: https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=1536245

North Staffs ClapperTrappings

 This quarters ClapperTrapping from the North Staffordshire Association of Change Ringers is now available from the links below:

Summer 2022 Part 1

Summer 2022 Part 2

Best Garden and Hanging Basket results

Just a reminder that we will be announcing the results and presenting the prizes for the Best Gardens and Hanging Baskets in Haughton 2022 at the Garden Guild meeting on Monday 14th August at 7:30pm in the village hall. Come along you may have won a prize.  

Haughton Bell ringing and Church Times August 2022

We will be practicing every Tuesday Evening at 8pm throughout August 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, please feel free to come and join us.

Sunday 14th August - 10am to 10.30am Service Ringing

Wednesday 17th August - 6.30pm to 7pm Compline Prayer Service

Sunday 21st August - 5.30pm to 6.00pm - Service Ringing

Thursday 18th August  - Coffee Morning 10.30am - No Ringing

Sunday 28th August - 8.30am BCP Holy Communion 8.30am - No Ringing

We welcome New Ringers please come along on a Tuesday Evening, full Training will be given.