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Haughton Village News

Haughton Bell Ringing Times January 2022


All being well and fingers crossed we have no further restrictions or lockdowns imposed on us, the following times are our proposed ringing times:

Saturday 1st January - Midnight to 12.20am ringing in the New Year

Tuesday 4th January - 7pm to 8pm tied practice - 8pm to 9pm open practice

Sunday 9th January - 10am to 10.30am Service Ringing

Tuesday 11th January - 7pm to 7.40pm tied practice - No open practice

Sunday 16th January - 3.30pm to 4pm service ringing

Tuesday 18th January - 7.30pm* to 8pm (learner practice) - 8pm to 9pm open practice

Tuesday 25th January - 7pm to 8pm tied practice - 8pm to 9pm open practice

*red = change of time

Church Services times for Bradley, Church Eaton, Derrington and Haughton January 2022


Crib Services Cancelled

Please note the previously advertised Crib Services have been cancelled due to an effort to reduced meeting and to minimise the chance of spread of Covid.

Please see links below for current service times



Peal on 9th December

 A couple of weeks ago we announced at peal attempt at Haughton on the 9th December.  I am please to say the peal was successful.  The six bell ringers rang 7 full extents of minor (all six bells moving) and completed the 5040 changes 2 hours and 44 minutes   

1 extent each Cambridge S, Kent, Oxford TB, St Clements College, Lakesend, Single Oxford, Plain Bob

1Andrew J Holland
2E Ann Williams
3Trevor L Lock
4Adrian G Roberts
5Kevin M Price (C)
6Andrew W Gordon

We are working on a peal board to be displayed in the church.  I would like to thank the Shropshire ringers for coming and ringing for us.

Carol Service

 Tonight our team rang a quarter peal before the Carol Service.  We rang 60 changes of St. Remigius and 1200 Plain Hunt singles.  The ringers were:

1. Karen Powell

2. Mervyn Lock

3. Trevor Lock (C)

4. Jocelyne Lock

We rang the back 4 bells and the quarter was complete in 46 minutes.  Well done everyone.

The quarter has been sent to the ringing world via their website 


The Church was decorated beautifully for the service, thank you to everyone who helped.

From Haughton Parich Council - Check your Christmas Bin Collection

Just a quick reminder to check the collection dates of your refuse bins over the festive period.  

Click on the link below to find out your collection dates:


Update of Haughton's Christmas Bell Ringing Times

Tuesday 14th December -7pm to 7.40pm silent practice - bell handling.  Open Practice Cancelled

Sunday 19th December - 5pm to 6pm (1/4 peal for Carol Service)

Tuesday 21st December - 6.30pm to 7pm (Ringing for Blue Christmas Service) - No Practice Ringers Meal in the Shropshire

Thursday 23rd December - 2.30pm to 3pm (Ringing for Crib Service) - CANCELLED

Friday 24th December - 3.30 to 4pm (Ringing for comfort service)*

Friday 24th December - 9pm to 9,30pm (Bethlehem Midnight Mass Service) Additional to schedule 

Tuesday 30th December -7pm to 8pm silent practice - bell handling and theory.  8pm until 9pm Open Practice.

Saturday 1st January - 12 midnight until 12.20am - Ringing in the new year.

* Possible quarter depending on available team members - we may start half an hour earlier than advertised.

Christmas Services 2021 - United Benefice of Bradley, Church Eaton, Derrington and Haughton

Christmas Services 2021

Carol Services

Sunday 19th December 3pm, St Matthews Derrington (outside service)

Sunday 19th December 6pm, St Giles Haughton

Wednesday 22nd December 6.30pm, St Edithas Church Eaton

Thursday 23rd December 6pm St Mary and All Saints Bradley

Crib services - CANCELLED

You are welcome to come dressed as a character from the nativity story (adults included!)

Monday 20th December 3pm St Edithas Church Eaton

Wednesday 22nd December 3.30pm St Matthews Derrington

Thursday 23rd December 3pm St Giles Haughton

Blue Christmas

A quiet reflective service for anyone who may find Christmas difficult in any way or anyone who may wish to escape from the busyness of Christmas and reflect on the Christmas story in a quieter way.

Tuesday 22nd December 7pm St Giles Haughton

Christmas Eve

Comfort and Joy at the Heart of Christmas 4-6pm in all of our churches. 
Come and see our crib as we wait to celebrate the birth of Jesus. We invite you to bring along a donation for the food bank or for Katharine house.

Bethlehem Midnight Mass - 9.30pm St Giles Haughton

Midnight Mass - 11.30pm St Edithas Church Eaton

Christmas Day Family Communion

9am - St Matthews Derrington

10.30am - St Mary and All Saints Bradley

Peal Attempt at Haughton

There will be a peal attempt this week at Haughton on Thursday 9th December at 10am.  A peal is 5040 changes and on our bells should be completed in about 2 hours and 45 minutes. During the peal, the bell ringers have to concentrate immensely and are unable to stop, talk, drink or eat. 

It would be much appreciated if no one came into the church during the performance, if you do need to come in please avoid talking or disturbing the ringers, and remember you won't be able to switch any lights or heaters on unfortunately the bell ringers stand in front of the switches.

Our bells have had 12 peals rung on them, the first being in 1908 and the last in 2016, the details of the peals can be found https://cccbr.org.uk/felstead/tbid.php?d=2344 and https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/search.php?place=haughton&address=St+Giles&length=peal

I would like to list more details of the peals on this website and will do in the future.

North Staffs ClapperTrapping - Winter 2021 Edition

The winter edition of the North Staffs Newsletter ClapperTrappings is available from the link below

Winter  2021

A Gift Idea from Haughton Parish Council