Haughton Village News

Haughton Village News

Update of Haughton's Christmas Bell Ringing Times

Tuesday 14th December -7pm to 7.40pm silent practice - bell handling.  Open Practice Cancelled

Sunday 19th December - 5pm to 6pm (1/4 peal for Carol Service)

Tuesday 21st December - 6.30pm to 7pm (Ringing for Blue Christmas Service) - No Practice Ringers Meal in the Shropshire

Thursday 23rd December - 2.30pm to 3pm (Ringing for Crib Service) - CANCELLED

Friday 24th December - 3.30 to 4pm (Ringing for comfort service)*

Friday 24th December - 9pm to 9,30pm (Bethlehem Midnight Mass Service) Additional to schedule 

Tuesday 30th December -7pm to 8pm silent practice - bell handling and theory.  8pm until 9pm Open Practice.

Saturday 1st January - 12 midnight until 12.20am - Ringing in the new year.

* Possible quarter depending on available team members - we may start half an hour earlier than advertised.

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