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Learning to Ring

This page shows a list of links to the post where we have discussed different bell ringing techniques, methods, and practices and are to help all ringers.

Ringing with others - By Roger Tompsett

Learning to Ring and Handling techniques

Plain Hunting

Learning to ring the Treble to Bob Doubles and April Day

Plain Hunting by Numbers - Worksheet

Moving on from Plain Hunting: Below is a few methods that may help the team to move on from Plain Hunting, before progressing to Plain Bob.  There is no dodging just making places and so not as much bell control is required

St. Remigius Singles (on 3 bells) 12 changes long, 105 extents for a quarter peal

Single Court Minimus (on 4 Bells) 24 changes long, 53 extents for a quarter peal

Christmas Eve Bob (on 3, 4 or 5 Bells)

Grandsire Doubles

Bistow or Bastow Little Bob Doubles