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Learning to Ring the Treble to Methods

My post the other day reported that Karen rang her first quarter peal on the treble. Throughout the quarter the whole team was nodding, winking and giving her little bits of guidance and general advice. My aim here is not to re-write the 'learning how to ring a bell ' books, there are many really good ones, my aim is to give just a little additional help.

The method we rang was April Day, which is a variation of Plain Bob except for the bobs in April Day are Grandsire singles.  This means that who ever the Treble takes from the lead, will take the treble from the lead, regardless if there is a call or not.

These are a few rules and pointers to bear in mind.

  1. Whoever takes you from the lead will be the bell that take you from the lead. (April Day or Plain Courses of plain Bob.
  2. Eliminate bells as you go up! (The first lead end the 2nd will take you out of the lead.  There is no need to look at them again until you've gone over all the others.  The next bell will be the 4th, by this time there are only two bells left!)
  3. Don't Over Commit Yourself! (It doesn't matter how hard you stare at a bell, if it not the right one it won't miraculously become the right one just by staring at it! If you get the wrong bell, don't worry, just move on swiftly to the next place.  Try and keep all the bells or as many bells as possible in your vision.
  4. Keep Counting your Places:
  5. Ring by Rhythm. - The idea is to maintain a 'good Rhythm', the change should be without gaps, and without any clashing, and each bell should be evenly space.
The YouTube video below is from the Central Council's website and helps you to learn 'Ropesight'.