Haughton Village News

Haughton Village News

Bell Ringing - Another Temporary Pause to Ringing

During our practice on Wednesday 28th October we discussed what ringing (if any) we should do with the prospect of Staffordshire entering into Tier 2 of the Covid restrictions.  Since restarting from the first National Lockdown we have limited our performances and have adhered to rules to keep us 'Covid' safe.  We feel we've achieved this well, have kept safe, and hopefully put a little normality back into the Village.

Nationally there have been big discussions about what form Tier 2 and 3 Bell Ringing should take and the general advice is for it to be left to the individual towers.  After the practice, we liaised with the Vicar and decided to cease ringing for a while.

Since then, our Prime Minister; Boris Johnson has announced a second National Lockdown as the infection rate of Covi-19 is spiraling out of control again.

We understand tomorrow's Morning Prayer Service will go ahead (Sunday 1st November at 10.30am) but without bells. The new National Lockdown rules will be for places of worship (if any will be allowed) have not yet been published, we will keep you up to date as soon as possible.

We do hope this temporary suspension (as with the second National Lockdown) will be very short but as always the health of our Ringers, Villages, and Nation must come first.

During this new lockdown as with the previous one, we'll try and post some Youtube videos of bell ringing, and if any other club or village organisations have any announcements please feel free to send them to us for us to post them on this site.

Thank you for your continued support

Keep Safe

Haughton Bell Ringers

Bell Ringing at St Giles - Wednesday 21st October 2020

We have still been social distancing and following government guidelines, but have been progressing as quickly as possible under the circumstances.  After learning Plain Hunt using the handbells we have begun replicating it on the tower bells and are making good progress.

Our next Sunday service at Haughton is at 8.30am and we feel it's probably a little early for the nearby residents of Haughton if we start ringing at this time, and so as a group we have decided not to ring.  Our next practice will be on Wednesday 28th October at 7.30pm, unless the government decides on another Lockdown.

Our next be service ringing will be November 1st at 10am for a 10.30 service.  (again subject to Government advice or restrictions.)

Letter from Rev'd Cath Brumfitt

Hello from the Rector!

Since our move to the rectory and my licensing as your new rector, we have received lots of messages from across the benefice welcoming myself and Mark to the area. We both feel truly blessed to be here and thank you all for the welcome we have received. We look forward to meeting many more of you in the near future once we are able to. 

Over the past few weeks the Church Wardens and the PCCs have been working hard to ensure that our buildings are safe to open and as a result, it has been wonderful to be able to restart worship in each of our churches. We have put together a new pattern of Sunday services that will begin in October. Each Sunday across the benefice there will be two services of Holy Communion at 8.30am and 10.30am,  a lay-led worship service at 10.30, an evening service at 6.30pm, and a service over the telephone for anyone who is unable to get to church at 5pm.  Each Sunday morning one of our churches will be open for individual prayer and quiet reflection. There is a copy of the service pattern on the back of this letter.

In order for our churches to be ‘Covid Safe’ anyone attending church must wear a face covering (unless medically exempt), use hand sanitiser when entering the building, and provide contact details for test and trace purposes. In order to comply with social distancing rules, we have limited the number of people in each building at one time. To make the best use of the space available we are introducing a booking system for services that are outside of the normal Sunday service pattern. Details of how to book will be displayed with the service it applies to.

Our services will be displayed on the church notice boards and on our new weekly Benefice news sheet which will be available in church or vial email. (Please email Rev’d Cath  or ralph708(at)btinternet.com (at =@) for an email copy)  We also now have a Facebook page for each church so please follow and share our posts. In the New Year, it is hoped that we will be able to introduce a new Benefice Magazine that will cover all four villages.

As we approach Christmas we are looking at how we can worship and celebrate whilst staying safe and so or celebrations may look very different this year with the possibility of some things being online or via telephone conferencing. 

If you have any concerns or questions please get in touch.

God Bless

Revd Cath

Our 8.30 service will be in traditional language and along with the 10.30 service will be clergy led.

Our morning worship service will be led by members of our worship group.

Weddings, baptisms and funerals can still take place in church but numbers are limited to 30 people for funerals and 15 for weddings and 6 for a baptism outside of the normal Sunday service.

Please note that all our services will be subject to change in line with government advice and regulations.

Harvest Festival at St. Giles.

As always the church was well decorated for the Harvest Festival service on Sunday.  The bell ringers called the parishioners to the service with some, Rounds (123456), Queens (135246), and Titums (142536).  The service was well attended while adhering to the social distancing rules.

A BIG THANK YOU to Marion Aranyos, Kath Haynes, Diane Rowley, Sandra Robinson, Sue Edwards Jocelyne Lock, Patsy Wallbrick, Jean Holt, Margaret Guymer, and Ricki Garbett. for decorating the church.

Katherine House Hospice



Katharine House Hospice faces uncertain future due to


Katharine House Hospice is facing an uncertain future due to the financial impact of COVID 19. The pandemic has had a major impact on Katharine House Hospice’s ability to generate funds. The charity has had to cancel all of its events including a large scale music festival, Strictly Stafford and a Sunrise Walk and was forced to close its 22 shops in March. For the first four months of the pandemic Government support meant the charity was in financial balance.  The shops began to reopen in June but restrictions to ensure COVID secure practices are implemented for the safety of the public and staff, have caused operational difficulties in receiving and processing donations and shoppers have not returned in the numbers needed to generate revenues sufficient to sustain the hospice’s operation in its current form. 

Whilst in April we expected and planned for significant reductions in fundraising and

retail revenues, at present the losses are much greater than expected and swift action

is needed to respond to this.  

The charity’s 200+ staff were asked this week to take part in a formal consultation process to reduce operating costs across the organisation.  This will involve some job losses.  Four of the hospice’s charity shops are closing as they are unlikely to return to profit, whilst most others will see reductions in staff hours.  The charity is launching an emergency appeal to save its care services.  

Chief Executive Doctor Richard Soulsby said:

“Katharine House like other hospices received additional funding through the spring and

early summer via the NHS, local authorities, and through the HMRC furlough scheme.  With this

aid we continued throughout the pandemic to support local patients and their families, whilst

retaining a balanced financial position.   After October no further funding will be received.

“Our primary concerns are to maintain services for local people and to support our staff and volunteers.  Working together we hope to prevent as many redundancies as possible, but some are inevitable.”

Care began in 1989 thanks to a small group of volunteers who provided support at home and campaigned for Stafford’s hospice. Since then, thanks to our caring community services have grown at the hospice and in the community and each year we provide vital free care for 1300 local people.  Katharine House Hospice could adapt its care operations to manage during the pandemic, but Covid 19 has reduced our income to such an extent that it now threatens these services.  

Katharine House is calling on local people to help save their hospice – a major emergency appeal will be launching this week to help sustain the hospice’s care services.  Local people can help by making a donation at www.khhospice.org.uk or by shopping at one of the hospice’s shops.

Katharine House Hospice provides free care and support for adults and their families who are coping with progressive illness across mid-Staffordshire. It relies upon the kindness of the local community to help generate over 75% of the funds needed to run its range of vital services.


Shropshire Inn - New Opening Times

Just to clarify we are open in the bar until 10pm Tuesday - Saturday, with last orders for drinks being 9.45pm.

Sunday last orders in the bar at 7.45pm, as we close at 8pm.

Monday bar and restaurant will be closed.

Many Thanks


Bell Ringing and Church Times

We got the handbells out this week and had a lesson of Plain Hunt, it was much enjoyed and our first lot of 'method' ringing since lockdown.

Plain Hunt Doubles

We learned the rules are:
1. Each bell can only move one place at a time.
2. The two front pairs move first then the back two pairs move.
3. Even Numbers 'Run In' - Odd Number 'Run Out'
4. We need to count our places.

Hopefully, this will help us to ring Plain Hunt on the tower bells.

Our next performance will be on Sunday 11th October (2nd Sunday) at 10 am for a 10.30 am Holy Communion service.

Shropshire Inn - New Opening Times

Monday - Bar & Restaurant Closed
Tuesday - 12 - 2.30pm / 5 - 9pm
Wednesday - 12 - 2.30pm / 5 - 9pm
Thursday - 12 - 2.30pm / 5 - 9pm
Friday - 12 - 2.30pm / 5 - 9pm
Saturday - 12 - 9pm
Sunday 12 - 8pm

Tuesday - Saturday due to the new restrictions we need to be closed by 10pm, on Sunday's we close at 8pm.

Virus-free. www.avg.com

Poppy Appeal stall are as follows:

Great Bridgeford village hall: Monday 26 October - 10.00-18.00
Haughton shops - Tuesday 27 October - 10.00-18.00
Gnosall Wharf Road - Wednesday 28 October - 10.00-18.00
Gnosall Co-op - Thursday 29 October - 10.00-18.00
Seighford Hollybush* - Friday 30 October - 10.00-18.00
Gnosall Co-op - Saturday 31 October - 10.00-18.00
Haughton shops - Sunday 1 November - 10.00-18.00
Great Bridgeford - Monday 2 November - 10.00-18.00
Church Eaton Royal Oak - Thursday 5 November - 10.00-18.00
Church Eaton Royal Oak Car Park - Friday 6 November - 10.00-18.00
Gnosall Co-op - Saturday 7 November - 10.00-18.00.

Please help to support this very sorry cause at this very difficult time. Share far and wide, especially if you live in any of the 5 villages.

Virus-free. www.avg.com

Bell Ringing - Wednesday 30th September

Tonight's practice had all (non-self-isolating) ringers turn up.  We rang our bells up individually to get them ready for ringing.  This week sees another anniversary for Geoff Smith, it is 60 years since he was ordained, both Geoffrey and Margaret joined us for our practice and we celebrated with some ringing.  Congratulations Geoff.

Our subscriptions to the North Staffordshire Association of Change Ringers have been renewed this week for another year, our ringers for this year are:

William Hall
Trevor Stacey
Mervyn Lock
Jocelyne Lock
Dick Bowler
Karen Powell
Trevor Lock 

Thank you to everyone who has renewed, and we've welcomed Karen this year, her ringing skills are improving each week and we really enjoying ringing with her.  She has become a valuable team member.

Unfortunately, Helen and Lydia have not renewed their membership this time.  We would like to thank them for all the support and help they have given us over the past few years and hope it won't be too long before they come and see us again.

William is understandably still self-isolating. We are hoping it won't be too much longer, but with the current situation, it doesn't look like it'll be soon!

We are constantly reviewing the Covid situation, following current local and national guidelines.  The safety of ourselves and families are paramount and feel safe at present.  We have altered the times of our practice (still on Wednesday) to 7.30 until 8.30pm.

This Sunday's Service (4th October) has a start of 10.30am, so we will having a ringing start at 10am.

St Giles Church Haughton - Harvest Festival

Due to Covid19 restrictions, we have to limit the number of people in church please contact Revd Cath on Stafford 780125 to book a place at the service.

Sunday 11th October • 10.30am 

New Church Service Rota - October 2020

From October 2020 St. Giles' Church Services will be as follows:

1st Sunday 10.30 Morning Worship (lay led)
2nd Sunday 10.30 Holy Communion
3rd Sunday 10.30 Personal prayer and reflection
                     6.30pm Evensong
4th Sunday  8.30 Holy Communion (traditional language)
5th Sunday Benefice service

Every Sunday 5pm Telephone dial in service  - Please contact the Rector for Dial In details:
revcathbrumfitt(at)gmail.com  - replace (at) with @
Tel: 780125

We also now have a Facebook page  @StGilesHaughton