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Bell Ringing - Another Temporary Pause to Ringing

During our practice on Wednesday 28th October we discussed what ringing (if any) we should do with the prospect of Staffordshire entering into Tier 2 of the Covid restrictions.  Since restarting from the first National Lockdown we have limited our performances and have adhered to rules to keep us 'Covid' safe.  We feel we've achieved this well, have kept safe, and hopefully put a little normality back into the Village.

Nationally there have been big discussions about what form Tier 2 and 3 Bell Ringing should take and the general advice is for it to be left to the individual towers.  After the practice, we liaised with the Vicar and decided to cease ringing for a while.

Since then, our Prime Minister; Boris Johnson has announced a second National Lockdown as the infection rate of Covi-19 is spiraling out of control again.

We understand tomorrow's Morning Prayer Service will go ahead (Sunday 1st November at 10.30am) but without bells. The new National Lockdown rules will be for places of worship (if any will be allowed) have not yet been published, we will keep you up to date as soon as possible.

We do hope this temporary suspension (as with the second National Lockdown) will be very short but as always the health of our Ringers, Villages, and Nation must come first.

During this new lockdown as with the previous one, we'll try and post some Youtube videos of bell ringing, and if any other club or village organisations have any announcements please feel free to send them to us for us to post them on this site.

Thank you for your continued support

Keep Safe

Haughton Bell Ringers

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  1. Thank you for all your work keeping our bells in tune. As you rightly say the health and wellbeing of all is number one priority. Let's all hope and prey we all come through it OK.
    Stay safe and wash your paws.