Haughton Village News

Haughton Village News

Peal Attempt at Haughton

There will be a peal attempt this week at Haughton on Thursday 9th December at 10am.  A peal is 5040 changes and on our bells should be completed in about 2 hours and 45 minutes. During the peal, the bell ringers have to concentrate immensely and are unable to stop, talk, drink or eat. 

It would be much appreciated if no one came into the church during the performance, if you do need to come in please avoid talking or disturbing the ringers, and remember you won't be able to switch any lights or heaters on unfortunately the bell ringers stand in front of the switches.

Our bells have had 12 peals rung on them, the first being in 1908 and the last in 2016, the details of the peals can be found https://cccbr.org.uk/felstead/tbid.php?d=2344 and https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/search.php?place=haughton&address=St+Giles&length=peal

I would like to list more details of the peals on this website and will do in the future.

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