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Haughton Village News

Bell Restoration Project 1998

In 1998 we were lucky enough to have our bells restored.  Records showed that no major work had been carried out on the bells or their fitting since 1908, when a team of bell hangers came from Nottingham, see old newspaper cutting in the tower.

A survey from Whitechapel and Taylor's bell foundries was carried out in the mid-nineties and it was decided it was necessary to completely replace the old wooden frame, as it was beyond repair, and it would be replaced with a brand new metal one.

After some fundraising events and some hard work from Mr. Roy Jenkinson who obtained funding from the Lottery Heritage Fund, the bells were re-hung by Whitechapel of London in the year 1998.  

A video was made of the refurbishment by Fred Price. 

Below are some articles from the Church and Village magazine 1998 detailing the restoration project.

or click here to view in PDF format

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