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Tips on Ringing Yorkshire Royal

To some people Yorkshire  is easier than Cambridge?
Note that the "Place bell order" is the same = 2,6,10,7,3,4,8,9,5
That's the best way to learn a Surprise method = lead by lead eg 2nds place bell becomes 6ths place bell becomes 10ths place bell etc.
At a Bob, if you "run out" you become 3rds place bell & if you "make the bob", you become 4ths place bell !!!
Short Yorkshire  places (dodge/place/place/dodge) means that the coursing order (in the plain course) is 2,4,6,8,10,9,7,5,3 & doesn't get broken up (as it does in Cambridge with the longer work when doing "places" )
Note that you generally dodge on front (in 1/2) & at back (in 9/10) with your "course bell" & your "after bell" -( eg; for 5 in a plain course that is "7" & "3") unless it's with the treble. Course & after bells can change if a Bob is called
Also note that in Yorkshire you play "leapfrog" with course & after bells when doing places - eg; if you are 8ths place bell - as you do 6/5 places watch your "after bell" go thro, then you go thro him in 6/5 while he does his 6/5 places. Sounds complicated? Not really - I find it helps to know these little wrinkles?

Information supplied by Ray Daw, Thanks Ray, I hope you don't mind me using it here, but this is exactly what I would like this website to be used for.  If anyone else has any useful tips, please feel free to email them to me.

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