Haughton Village News

Haughton Village News

Bell Ringing - Monday 16th December 2019

Tonight, we had just 6 ringers turn up, which means it's a good opportunity to ring a Quarter Peal.  Dick had never rung a quarter before, the most he had rung without stopping was about 15 minutes, a quarter peal takes approximately 45 minutes.

Quarter Peals are really good for ringers to get to grips with the technique of ringing, as the ringers ring longer than normal, the idea is to learn and pull with just the right effort so as not to wear yourself out!

The ringers were:

1. Trevor Lock (Conductor)
2. Lydia Turner
3. Helen Turner-Murphy
4. Trevor Stacey
5. Dick Bowler
6. Jocelyne Lock

The method was St Remigius Singles and we rang 105 extents making a total of 1260 changes.

To see the performance on Bell Board click here

To see the method click here

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