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Quarter Peal of the Week

Nationally church bells ring every day for one thing or another.  Bells get rung for so many different reasons, from national events, local events, church events or just for practice and fun.  Bell ringers generally don't need much of an excuse.

If we ring for something special we record it on a national register, these days it's all online, but before the internet, we would send details of our performances to our weekly magazine call 'The Ringing World'

Most days I browse through the performances, viewing what my fellow bell ringers have been doing, I suppose it's a bit like a footballer looking at the league tables.

Anyway, I thought if I spot a really interesting performance I will share it with you.

This week I've selected a quarter that has been rung at Stone in Staffordshire.  Stone has ten bells, and thanks to the hard work of Penkridge's tower Captain 'Jean Nixon' who has put together an 'all ladies band' they have rung a quarter peal of Plain Bob Caters.

Well done to all of them. As you can see there are plenty of '1st' in the quarter.  It was a fantastic achievement,  and let's hope there's plenty more to come. 

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