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Haughton Village News

Alan Turner

It is with great sadness to announce Alan Turner, former landlord of 
The Bell, passed away last night.  

I remember starting frequenting the Bell in the early 90's when I became 18. 
It became a regular Monday event after our bell practice.  Alan always kept a 
traditional pub, with well-kept beer with Jan (his late wife) providing great 
cooked meals. 

He started the tradition of giving the bell ringers the leftover sandwiches left by the
Dominoe players, this tradition was followed on by Paul Plant and Alison Heath.
Still, to this day, we have chips with our pint after practice.

I remember often taking my Grandmother for Sunday lunch in the bell.  She 
never liked thinking she was going to 'the Pub'  so we pretended to take her
for a walk and as we approached the Bell would guide her in the direction of 
the Bell. Alan and Jan would welcome us and would seat us at our 'pre-booked 
table'  My Nan really enjoyed her meals, the atmosphere, and hospitality.

There was another time my brother went for a meal one evening.  That night a new
barmaid had served him.  He had his meal and walked home.  The barmaid 
said to Alan 'That man never paid'   Alan replied 'he'll be back when he realises' 
The next morning my brother did realise and just as Alan had predicted the bill 
was paid.

After Alan and Jan retired, they moved to Castlefileds.  Jan sadly passed away 
a few years later.  However, I would often see Alan riding his bike into town 
or along the old railway track.  He would often catch the bus out to the Bell 
on a Monday night to play Dominoes, and occasionally if we both timed it 
right I would give him a lift.

R.I.P Alan

Trevor Lock

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