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Haughton Village News


I think nearly everyone in the village knows that every year I organise a day trip for the retired residents of the village and if there are any available seats other residents and friends.

We travel by coach to our destination, usually by the sea, and arrive back in time for dinner at The Shropshire Inn.
The cost is £5 per person for the coach and dinner for the retired people of the village and a little more for others,

To cover the cost I manage two weekly lotteries, based on the National Lottery Lotto. There is one winner on each lottery and they each receive £40 prize money.
There are 49 people in each lottery and they each pay £5 a month  which is collected by standing order.

People inevitably drop out of the lottery for various reasons, at this particular time  I have a considerable number of vacancies on each lottery. In the past, I have been able to fill the vacancies but on this occasion, I would greatly appreciate it if anyone would like to contact me with a view to joining the lottery

The Outing has been running for more than 60 years. I took it over some years ago to keep alive the tradition started by Horace Wilshaw.

It would be most unfortunate if we were unable to continue with our annual day out, I think It has become an important feature in the life of the village.
If you would like to join the lottery please call me on 780550.

Many thanks,
Peter Rowley

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