Haughton Village News

Haughton Village News

Wednesday 12th August 2020 Bell Ringing Practice

Our six ringers turned up promptly as we were keen to practice for VJ day.  We had decided to keep things simple and ring 75 'whole pulls'  of rounds, to mark the 75th anniversary of VJ.  

We practice most of the night, and towards the end of the evening, the rounds were getting quite steady. To make things a little different towards the end, as Captain I decided we should try ringing 'Queens' the order of Queens is 135246 - all the odds and then all the evens - then we moved on to 'Tittums' 142536.  We have some work to strike the new changes evenly, but both had promise.

We confirmed our VJ ringing would be on Saturday 9.30 to 10am.  Please do listen.  If you would like to know more about VJ day please click this Wikipedia Link

Upon leaving our practice there was a massive Thunderstorm, so we all had to rush to the cars, and shelter in the Shropshire!!!!

Our next practice will be Wednesday 19th August at 8pm.

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