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Haughton Village News

Ringing for VJ Day at Haughton

Saturday 15th August 2020 was the 75th anniversary of the end of the fighting in Japan, VJ day.  Unfortunately, we were unable to ring for VE day earlier on in the year due to the Lockdown situation caused by the Coronavirus, however, we could ring for VJ. and as a team decided to ring 75 whole pulls of rounds (123456) and 75 whole pulls of queens (135246)

We've recorded the performances on bell board:



Video of our performance: Video made by Emily Lock

Our ringers were:

1. Karen Powell

2. Trevor Lock

3. Mervyn Lock

4. Dick Bowler

5. Jocelyne Lock

6. Trevor Stacey

Click the link below for the other bell-ringing performances throughout the World.


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  1. Well done Haughton Band. Thanks for remembering VJ day.