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Haughton Village News

St. Giles Church and Bell Ringers

This week's Holy Communion service will be taken by Cath Brumfitt at St. Giles and will be on Sunday, August 23rd at 10 am.  Due to Coronavirus restrictions numbers are limited to a maximum of 27. Please wear a mask, observe social distancing, and use hand sanitizer when entering and leaving the church.  Thank you for your patience and co-operation during these difficult times.

Unfortunately, we won't have enough ringers to ring for the service, but a bell will be tolled to signal there is a service.

Our practice night on Wednesday 19th August was attended by our 6 band members who are no longer self-isolating. We had a practice of rounds and then Queens, in preparation for a performance of Queens for Margaret and Geoff's Smith's Diamond Wedding anniversary, both of them turned up at 8.30 and were able to enjoy the bells from inside the church.  After we finished they came to the Shropshire to enjoy a pre-celebration drink.

The performance has been sent to Bell Board, please see the link below:


The Team and Geoff and Margaret.


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