Haughton Village News

Haughton Village News

Ringing for HRH Prince Philip's Funeral at Haughton

It had been decided that bells should be tolled over the country for an hour before HRH Prince Philip's funeral, still having Covid-19 restrictions in place and only being able to toll a single bell at a time, to help prevent the spread of the virus, our performance options were very limited.

As a team and to enable us all to have a turn to ring, we decided to ring our individual bells 99 times representing the age of the Duke.  The bells had been half-muffled before hand. We started with the treble and went around the tower in order to finish with the tenor.  While each performance was taking place the others were socially distancing in the churchyard, and yes the sun was shining! 

A piece of each performance can be viewed below:

Karen Powell ringing the Treble 

Trevor Lock ringing the 2nd

Mervyn Lock ringing the 3rd

Dick Bowler ringing the 4th
Jocelyne Lock ringing the 5th
Trevor Stacey ringing the Tenor


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