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Smishing Awareness 08/06/2021 21:20:32 [384421]

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Smishing Awareness

Staffordshire police are advising everyone to be vigilant of fake text messages, also known as 'Smishing'. There has been a significant rise seen in the last couple of months of texts purporting to be from banks and delivery companies.

These fraudulent text messages typically contain a link, which if clicked will take a person to a
website which looks quite genuine, but it won't be. They usually come showing a mobile phone number and not the name of a company or business, but this is not always the case !

The purpose of these messages is to capture personal and financial details in order to scam an individual for money and/or conduct other
fraudulent activity against a person.

It always pays to 'Take Five' if you are in receipt of a text message like this, ask yourself what is
being asked 'of' or 'from' you. Always check a request using a safe source, contact the organisation
directly and never respond to messages like these.

Report suspicious texts by forwarding to 7726Email tracking gif

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Adrian Price (Police, PCSO, South Staffordshire)

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