Haughton Village News

Haughton Village News

Year 6 Leavers Service

We managed to get 6 ringers for the school leavers service, thanks to a little help from our neighboring tower of Stafford, as Selwyn Jones came and helped.

We needed a little uplifting from the previous night's football, having seen Italy beating England on penalties, in the Euro Final. (Well, we'll just have to settle for the World Cup Next Year!)

The school leavers entered the Church and seemed to really enjoy hearing the church bells. They all sat down quietly and were extremely well behaved. We would like to wish them all well at their future High School, Careers and Lives. Who knows maybe one of them may be taking a winning Penalty for England one day! Whatever they be or do, I'm sure they'll be all champions.

The Bell Ringers were:

1. Trevor Stacey

2. Trevor Lock

3. Selwyn Jones

4. Mervyn Lock

5 Jocelyne Lock

6 William Hall.

and they rang Rounds, Call Changes and Plain Bob Minimus

The performance  has been sent to our National database and can be found from the link below:



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