Haughton Village News

Haughton Village News

The Mobile Belfry at the County Show

This year the Staffordshire Agriculture County Show will be held on Wednesday 25th & Thursday 26th August, and as usual the bell ringers will be exhibiting and ringing the Lichfield Diocesan Mobile belfry.

The North Staffs Bell Ringers are responsible for the running of events on the Wednesday, and require some experienced ringers to help on Wednesday afternoon,  If anyone is interested in helping please contact Nigel Horrit through the North Staffs Website: https://www.nsacr.org.uk/v2-officers.php

 If you are a non-ringer and are attending the County Show, the mobile belfry it is well worth a visit.  It is great fun and demonstrations in detail the art of church bell ringing.  The bell ringers will explain in great  detail, what is going on, and what goes on at a ringing practice.  If you are interested in learning to ring, they will direct you to your nearest tower.  As at Haughton, most towers are always in great need on new recruits, whether you are a lapsed ringer who would like to start again, or if you want to have ago for the first time, you will be most welcome.

Bell ringing is a great hobby for all ages from 10 to 99.  You don't need to be strong, you just need to be able to give an hour of your time once a week for practice and be available for Service ringing.  It is a very sociable hobby with most towers going for a drink afterwards and most will hold annual events such as, day-trips, weekends away, barbecues etc.

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