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Keep Haughton Tidy Group May 2022 

Although we are not entering Best Kept Village 2022 we are instead making this Keep Haughton Tidy for the Platinum Jubilee year so we are still going to do the flower beds and keep the village tidy. We are also reinstating the best gardens and hanging basket competition open free to all villagers front gardens and front hanging baskets, judging will be on the 12th July with a prize giving in the village hall later in the month.

The BKVC competition has a communities sub competition based on photos and videos of the last 12 months, it is a bit like the portfolio we used to put forward but can be done online. We hope to enter Best Kept Village and Communities in 2023 so we would like everyone who goes to any village event to use your phones to take pictures and short videos and send them to me for next year’s application and continue to do this all year so include Christmas lights, any AGMs special evenings etc. This years pictures will be submitted for next years competition. 

As mentioned last month can I remind villagers that rather than run litter picks we would like people to “own’` a part of the village and keep it litter free, tidy and ideally weed free. We have volunteers to look after the flower beds on the main road and around station road and one of the Closes of Moathouse Drive. As a recent rash of complaints on Facebook about the lateness of the grass cutting showed people want a tidy village so tell us what you are willing to do and we will try and cover the whole village. As part of this we will be calling for volunteers for the odd working party to fix specific issues (e,g, the weeds that grow outside the front of the church). 

I know this is a different way of doing things but we can experiment this year to use modern technology to make things easier for us all. iansunley@icloud.com Ongoing BKV Coordinator

Ongoing BKV Coordinator.