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Haughton Village News

Operation London Bridge

After the sad news of the passing of our Queen; HM Elizabeth II, Operation London Bridge has sprung into action.

As instructed by the National Level of Church Bell Ringers (The Central Council), our church bells at St. Giles Haughton will ring 'half muffled' at 12noon for an hour tomorrow (Friday 9th September 2022).

The flag has been set at half mast this evening and will be raised to full mast at 11am on King Charles III Proclamation day (Saturday 10th November).  It be return to half mast the day after until the day of the Queen's funeral.

Our bells will be rung 'open' on the Proclamation day at 11am (Saturday 10th), afterwards the muffles will be put back and the bells will be 'half muffled' during our normal ringing times until the Queen's funeral.

Details sent to us from the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

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  1. Well done sir. I designate next Tuesday as "buy a tower captain a beer".