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Haughton Village News

Ringing for King Charles III Proclamation - 10th September 2020

After the sad day of mourning the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II, the flag was raised to full mast and the muffles were removed from the Church Bells for the Ringing of the Proclamation of HM King Charles III.

We started ringing at 11am and called the the bells to Queens and then rang Plain hunt on 3.  This gave us Queens (135246) and Kings (531246) every 6 changes.

The Ringers were:

Treble: Karen Powell
2nd: Trevor Stacey
3rd: Mervyn Lock
4th: Jocelyne Lock
5th: Trevor Lock (C)
6th: William Hall

Tomorrow (Sunday 11th September) the flag will remain at full mast and bells will remain open for service ringing at 10am.  Afterwards the flag will be lowered to half mast and the bells will be muffled again until the Queen's funeral on 19th September

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