Haughton Village News

Haughton Village News

Happy Birthday William

We rang a quarter peal this morning (Tuesday 7th March) for William's Hall 80th Birthday.  William as been a regular member of Haughton Bell Ringers for 20 Years and is a valuable member of our team.  Happy Birthday William.

The Quarter Peal was 1260 St. Remigius and it was completed in 41 minutes.  The ringers were:
1. Trevor Stacey
2. Karen Powell
3. Trevor Lock
4. Jocelyne Lock

The quarter can be seen on the Ringing World Bell Board using this link: BellBoard (ringingworld.co.uk)

The Team

William Cutting his Cake

Haughton Bell Ringers practice every Tuesday evening from 8pm until 9pm. We welcome new ringers, and anyone who would like to visit us to find out more. Please feel free to share this post by text, email or social media

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  1. Well that was a surprise at 9am, a very pleasant surprise. Thank you team for the quarter and delicious chocolate cake.