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Haughton Village News

The First Quarter Peal at Stafford

I was lucky enough to be offered a rope in the first quarter at Stafford since the bells had been run.  Selwyn Jones had organised it memory of Margaret Jones (his late wife) who sadly died 2 years ago today.

Selwyn and Margaret has donated the new Treble to the project along side Jim and Jean Nixon who had donated the new 2nd.

We rang 1320 Grandsire Cinques (11 bells) with the tenor covering.  The team was as follows:
1Selwyn G Jones
2R Jean Nixon
3Rosemary E Wright
4Wendy Walters
5Jim Nixon
6Margaret Simpson
7Alan Walters (C)
8Tim Hine
9Trevor Lock
10Chris Adams
11Nigel Horritt
12Keith A Brooks

To see the blue line of Grandsire Cinques please click the link below:

To see the quarter on Bell Board click the link below:

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