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Haughton Village News

Quarter Peal of Single Court Place Minimus

On Friday 7th July 2023 the bell ringers performed a Quarter peal (1272 Changes) of Single Court Place Minimus

The Bell Ringers were:

1. Trevor Lock (C)

2. Gill Smith (from Dilhorne)

3.  Karen Powell

4. David Crump (from Swynnerton)

5. Samuel Weaver

It was rung as a belated 10th birthday wish to Seren Jenkins (Jenny Beech's Grandaughter) and Wedding Anniversary to Mervyn and Jocelyne Lock (Trevor's Parents)

Ringing quarter peals give the bell ringers good quality time on the 'end of the rope' giving them 45 minutes on non-stop ringing.

It was Gill's first quarter peal, Karen's first quarter inside and Samuel's first quarter tenoring to minimus.

Well done everyone and a big Thanks to David and Gill whoc came and helped us.

The performance was sent to BellBoard and be viewed with this link: https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=1644154

Haughton Bell Ringers practice every Tuesday evening from 8pm until 9pm. We welcome new ringers, and anyone who would like to visit us to find out more. Please feel free to share this post by text, email or social media

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