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Haughton Village News

St. Giles Church Clock Haughton

I mentioned the church clock in a previous post.  I expect many people go by check the time on it and walk on by.   The clock was reconstructed by WM Leigh of Eccleshall in 1883, and I guess it has been ticking away way before then.  When I first had dealing with it back in the late 1980's it required winding 3 times a week.  

After the bells were re-hung in 1998, Phil Michie of Haughton cleaned the clock and re-hung the weighs to get it working again, but as the ceiling had been lowered to accommodate the new bell installation the clock required re-winding every other day.  Shortly after that, in the early 2000's it was decided to electrify the winding of the chimes, this meant the clock weight could be mounted where the chiming weight had been, enabling the clock to run a whole week between winding. 

Richard Dyble now winds the clock and has been doing a fantastic job of it for the last 10 years or so.  

Our tower isn't that accessible, as access is via an almost vertical steel ladder, so tower tours are not possible, but here are some pictures of the clock.

Haughton Bell Ringers practice every Tuesday evening 8pm until 9pm (except for the 2nd Tuesday in the month, when the practice is moved to the Thursday of the same week) We welcome new ringers, and anyone who would like to visit us. Please feel free to share this post by text, email or social media

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