Haughton Village News

Haughton Village News

The Bell Has New Owners

It is quite a tradition that most towers frequent their local Pub or cafe after ringing.  This adds to the social aspect of ringing and all sorts of topics will be discussed, from budgerigar's weighing down empty lorries to what's going on in the latest episode of Love Island (I believe that's a reality TV show!), but most of all we discuss our practice, what went well in it, what didn't go quite so well and how we can improve.  It is quite a integral part of ringing.

So it's great to have a new Enthusiastic Team at the Bell where we can go and have a social hour after our practice.  Hannah and her team have been very welcoming


We had also had a very good meal there last week, and would very much recommend going.

Their full menu and booking can be found at https://thebellinnhaughton.co.uk/


Haughton Bell Ringers practice every Tuesday evening 8pm until 9pm (except for the 2nd Tuesday in the month, when the practice is moved to the Thursday of the same week) We welcome new ringers, and anyone who would like to visit us. Please feel free to share this post by text, email or social media

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