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Haughton Village News

Ann Hodgkins - 1937 to 2020

It's with sadness we learnt Ann Hodkins passed away a few days ago.  Ann was Tower Captain at Seighford for many years, and although she wasn't a regular visitor to St. Giles Haughton she would always make an effort to come and say hello and have a ring with us when she did.

I never knew Ann particularly well, however, one of the last times I spoke with her, she telephoned me to ask me something (I can't even remember what!) but an hour later I was still on the telephone with her 'putting the world to rights!'  

Many of you would have known Ann through her long career of a Midwife.

During our practice on Wednesday 16th September we rang 83 whole pulls of Queens, and finished them with a diminishing stand.

Rest in Peace Ann.

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