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Haughton Village News

Peal at Moreton Corbett

It was a bright and sunny morning when I arrived in the church grounds for our 10am start.  The temperature was already soaring in the twenties, this was going to be a hot and sticky 3 hours!

I met with my fellow ringers from the Shropshire association, it had seemed along time since we met last time in January 2020 at Upton Magna https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=1321341 before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Anne Williamson told us some history of the church and parish as her late husband had been vicar there for a number of years and she had been tower captain.  She told stories of how the organist used to go and play the organ in the middle of the night.  There is a castle to the east of the church which looks interesting to visit, first built around 1100 A.D.  https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/moreton-corbet-castle/, and so I am planning to take my family there fir a few hours.

We marched up the tower wearing face masks and rung our individual bells up.  Most of us hadn't rung much since the lifting of lockdown, and I hadn't rung any minor for at 18 months, so to go straight in and attempt a peal (5040 changes taking approximately 3 hours) was going to be quite interesting.  The plan was to ring some Oxford and Kent first but we quickly realised it wasn't going to be an Oxford or Kent morning, so we moved on to Cambridge and Plain Bob.  During the time I realised the methods had stopped in my head, but what I seem to have remember along the way, were the little 'traps' that one can fall into, but we all managed and completed the peal in 2 hours 45 minutes.  Further details can be found from this link: https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=1453241

 Details of the tower can be found below: https://dove.cccbr.org.uk/detail.php?tower=11380

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