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Plain Hunting - For Beginners

This week we are going to continue looking at plain hunting.  Plain Hunting is the basis of all method ringing, and if rung well can sound just as good as any complicated method.

Tuesday 20th July we are expecting 5 or 6 of our local ringers and so we will be mainly looking at Plain hunting on 4 or 5, but who knows now the restrictions lifted we might get a visitor or two, and I will have to 'think on my feet' and adapt the practice to suit!

We are going to look at ringing Plain Hunt a change at a time.

Plain Hunt on 3 (Singles) has 6 changes

Plain Hunt on 4 (Minimus) has 8 Changes 

Plain Hunt on 5 (Doubles) has 10 Changes 

Plain Hunt on 6 (Minor) (Yes you've guessed it!) has 12 Changes 

Plain Hunt on 3 is the full extent on 3 bells, there are only 6 possible changes of 3 bells and these can be achieved by plain hunting. There are 24 possible changes on 4 bells, 120 on 5 bells and 720 on 6 Bells.

To see the method Click he link below:

Plain Hunting

Handling for Beginners

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