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Haughton Village News

Peal Ringing at Beckbury

 The one thing I love about bell ringing is the places it takes me!  Many places it takes me,  I would never normally visit, and lately, I've been lucky enough to have been invited to ring a full peal with the Shropshire association bands. A full peal consists of 5040 and roughly takes 3 hours to ring (non-stop).


Beckbury is a lovely little village on the Shorpshire and Staffordshire border near to Albrighton.  It was late summer sunny afernoon, there was a band playing at the local shop/pub, and I could smell freshly cut grass as I walked towards the church.

The tenor bell is just over 4cwt and so is fairly small, with a short draft (a low ceiling) they bells went really well and we 'pealed' them in just under 2 and a half hours.

Details of the peal can be found here:

Details of the bells can be found here:

Details of the village can be found here:

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