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Haughton Village News

HM Queen Elizabeth's Funeral Ringing at Haughton

At 10 am Haughton Church bell ringers started their performance of a Fully Muffled Quarter Peal for HM Queen Elizabeth's funeral.  1296 changes of Plain Hunt Singles was rung with 246 behind.  This gave us the change of  Kings at every half lead and Queens at every full lead end.  216 extents was called to achieve 1296 changes.  1260 changes are only required for a quarter peal, but we felt a quarter of 1296  was very much appropriate, as the 96 changes represented the age of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

The Bell Ringers were:
1. Karen Powell
2. Trevor Stacey
3. Mervyn Lock
4. Rosemarie Harris
5. Trevor Lock (C)
6. Jocelyne Lock

To see the performance on Bell Board Click Here. 

After the quarter, we rand some rounds and call changes including Queens and finished in diminishing Queens.  Then the Tenor was Tolled 96 times.

The Ringers were:

1. Karen Powell
2. Mervyn Lock
3. William Hall
4. Rosemarie Harris
5. Trevor Stacey
6. Trevor Lock (C)

Dick Bowler and Hilary Saunders wishes to be associated with these performances.

To see this performance on BellBoard Click here:

The ringers of the quarter


The Ringing of the Rounds and Call changes

A video clip of the ringing.

The Bells with their muffles on.

R.I.P. HM Queen Elizabeth II

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