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Ringing for Alison Hollinshead and David Moran's Wedding

After the recent sad events of the Queen passing, it was  time to ring for something happy, Alison Hollinshead's wedding. 

The Hollinshead family have lived  in the village for many years, providing us with fresh fruit and veg and of course lovely Ice Cream.  One of my earliest memories is my mother taking me to the local shops and stopping at the farm shop to buy fresh fruit and veg.  Then in recent years we've enjoyed afternoon tea and cream cakes inside their tearooms. 

So we felt we needed to ring something a special for Alison's big day.  She had waited over 3 years, having to cancel it several times due to the Covid pandemic.

On the morning of the wedding we rang a 'Full Peal' of 5040 changes taking 2 hour and 45 minutes .  To make it a little more special our conductor (Kevin Price) arranged us to ring 42 different methods; they were:
1. Double Oxford Bob, Pinehurst Bob, Thelwall Bob, Paisley Bob, Allerton Bob, Whitchurch Bob, Super Court Bob, Edge Hill Bob, Kemerton Bob, Corse Bob, Huna Bob, Lerwick Bob, Baltasound Bob, Culduthel Bob, Orkney Bob, Scapa Flow Bob. 2. St Clement's College Bob, Armitage-in-the-name Bob, Childwall Bob, Hempsted Bob, Lakesend Bob, Badgeworth Bob, Buxton Bob, Gower Bob, Hasfield Bob, Norfolk Punch Bob, St Nicholas College Bob, Heatherslade Bob, Ribchester Bob. 3. College Bob, Rodbourne Bob, Wimbotsham Place Bob, Leckhampton Place Bob, Slaidburn Bob, Elmore Bob, Wavertree Bob. 4. Cambridge Surprise. 5. Oxford Treble Bob. 6. Single Oxford Bob, Single Nicholaston Bob, Single Burton Pedwardine Bob. 7. Plain Bob.

The bell ringers were:
1E Ann Williams
2Nicola J Galton
3Adrian G Roberts
4Trevor L Lock
5Kevin M Price (C)
6Andrew W Gordon

To view the peal on bell board click here: https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=1550387

After the peal we had a short break, the peal ringers job was done and made way for the local ringers to ring the bride to the church.  We have some really good rounds and call changes the ringers were:

Trevor Stacey
Mervyn Lock
William Hall
Jocelyne Lock
Trevor Lock
Dick Bowler

Picture of Alison and David walking down the isle after the wedding ceremony, as we rang the happy couple out.

Wishing them a both an long and happy life together.

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  1. Congratulations to Alison and David, its been a long time coming. Glad to have rung for you.
    Thanks and congrats to the peal ringers.