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Haughton Village News

Ringing at Newcastle - Saturday 10th December

It was the North Staffs Ringing meeting which was held at St. Giles Newcastle, the large Church that is situated just off the busy A34.

Karen and myself thought it would be an experience to ring on twelve bells, the only twelve bell tower in the North Staffs area, of course that is until Stafford gets there new ring which we all hope will installed early in the New Year. 

The minute we arrived we were made very welcome and told to grab a rope to ring rounds and call changes. We did take hold not knowing if they were heavy or light.  They were lovely to ring and we had three separate turns at Rounds and Call Changes.

There was a short service afterwards followed by their AGM.  Some new officers were elected details can be found via their website page:  https://www.nsacr.org.uk/v2-officers.php

Thank yo to the North Staffs for a real enjoyable evening.

Jocelyne Lock

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