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Haughton Village News

Remembering Jenny's Mum

We ring the bells for most occasions.  A full peal consists of 5040 changes (derived from the maximum number of changes on 7 bells) When ringing on 6 bells the maximum numbers of changes is 720 and so we need to ring 7 lot's to achieve our 5040 changes and to make a full peal.

We rang a full Peal at Seighford on Saturday 14th October remembering Jenny Beech's mother who sadly passed away 3 years ago this week at the age of 100 

The Bell Ringers were:
5040 Minor (4m)
2 Extents of Cambridge, 1 Extent of Kent, 2 Extents of St Clements, 2 Extents of Plain Bob
1Nicola J Galton
2Jenny M Beech
3Trevor Lock
4Greg J Pearce
5Adrian G Roberts
6Kevin M Price (C)

Haughton Bell Ringers practice every Tuesday evening 8pm until 9pm (except for the 2nd Tuesday in the month, when the practice is moved to the Thursday of the same week) We welcome new ringers, and anyone who would like to visit us. Please feel free to share this post by text, email or social media

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  1. Well done and thank you for choosing Seighford for this special peal.