Haughton Village News

Haughton Village News

Haughton's 75th VE Day Celebrations

Back in December, I did a list of forthcoming Bell Ringing events and the furthest event in the future was VE day ringing.  Although no specific ringing had been organised the date had been firmly entered into our diaries.  We would have probably rung a quarter peal as we often do to mark such an occasion or maybe just some general ringing or maybe both.  Little did we know and certainly no one could have imagined we would all be in 'Lockdown' and any celebration would need to be done with social distancing in mind  (had anyone ever hear of social distancing before?).
So with no Bell Ringing to report on let's share our own celebrations.  If have any pictures or video's that you would like me to put on the site please send them to:

 Here's our street's celebrations from Stafford

Our neighbour Myles English played the Last Post

A video taken by Andy Funnell of the 75th VE Celebrations with his drone.

Photographs from The Moathouse Haughton - Taken by Suzanne and Les Potts

Photographs of Ash Drive - Taken by Mervyn Lock


Please do keep your photos coming and I will keep adding them

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